Take time to do what makes your soul happy.... xo

Over the years I've gone from retail management, to interior design, to starting my own custom sewing business when our daughters were small and I wanted to be home with them. I have sewn primarily for very talented decorators and an upscale home furnishings company.I am really proud of what I accomplished and love the people I worked with, but something had always been missing. After much soul searching I realized that I needed the creative freedom to design my own products. My pillows and sachets reflect my love of natural fiber textiles, old sewing notions and trimmings, maps and vintage postcards. My husband, who has a wealth of experience in sales and marketing, is my business partner on this venture. We primarily make lavender sachets which are available year round and balsam sachets which are added during the holidays. They both smell absolutely amazing and they have quickly become a best seller for us!2024 promises to be a year filled with exciting new ideas and products! Stay tuned!
xo Shannon

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