Nantucket means the world to me..... The island sparks so many memories... of a year spent working with a very dear friend and incredibly talented designer on a massive redesign of a home..... of early mornings and late nights spent talking  with my friend about life and our families and ultimately about how I was going to redesign my business. She knew that I was "burned out" after years and years of making draperies.  She encouraged me to concentrate on what I love best- designing pillows.  And so it began... on Nantucket. The grainy picture you see was the very first postcard/destination pillow I ever made and it was a gift to my friend. It has always been my dream to get a product of my own design onto the island and yesterday that dream became a reality as dozens of lavender sachets with a map of Nantucket on them headed to the island. I know my very dear friend is celebrating with me.... I swear I heard her raising a glass of chardonnay to me from heaven......I will be forever grateful for her support and encouragement....I miss you my friend..... xo