A lot of people ask me how we came up with our business name "Bearly 'N Stitches".  It's actually a play on words that a friend of ours randomly came up with many years ago. I had been struggling with trying to come up with a business name for many months and somehow using my own name just didn't appeal to me. I can still remember sitting around our kitchen table after dinner one night with my husbands friend.  I was exhausted from working long hours sewing draperies for a group of decorators I worked for at the time and was running on zero hours of sleep.  Sleep deprived was putting it mildly!  My husbands friend looked at me as I was sitting there, not smiling or conversing very well, and said "you look as if you're 'bearly' in stitches!"  Everyone laughed at the play on words, our house was filled with bears of all sorts, some belonged to me, some to our two daughters. The words captured me perfectly! I love bears and I was barely laughing or sewing well (truth be told) at that point in time ("in stitches" means in a state of uncontrollable laughter and we all know the other meaning of stitches!).   The business name has remained over the years despite many people suggesting that I change it or at least change the spelling of "bearly" to "barely".  To me the name has history, still makes me smile and I love it!!!!