I started making ring bearer pillows many years ago.  Most of them were custom orders using bits and pieces of the brides family heirlooms, a grandmothers handkerchief, a piece of moms wedding dress- you get the picture. Looking back on those beautiful pillows inspired me to create a different kind of ring bearer pillow- something that was available to every bride with the look and feel of a vintage pillow.  I come across beautiful vintage lace periodically and I started noticing old wedding dresses in my travels as well. The dresses were in terrible disrepair and it seemed such a shame that these formerly gorgeous dresses were just tossed aside. I have to admit that I had a REALLY hard time bringing them home and taking them apart to save the lace and trimmings but once I saw the pieces on the pillows it made it all worthwhile. I truly believe that I have given the old dresses new life for a new bride. A beautiful memory along with an old one.  Magic!